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Youth Coordinator.

Help the officers, by carrying flags, setting up banquets, being a bus monitors and just being there if we need help with something. We couldn’t do it without you!

Every month we will have a question or an activity for you to do or help us with. It may be sharing a funny story from convention, writing a plant article or speaking to a 4-H, FFA or garden club about convention.

Nothing is required signing up too be a YC is not like signing a contract we just encourage and need you participation. But if you don’t do something one month you will never be penalized for it.

You can put being a YC on a resume, get some extra points if applying for the Alumni Scholarship and look good to have contact with the officers if ever applying to be a officer.

The YC handbook is almost like guidelines where you document all about all the things you did during the year related to plants or NJHA. If you complete the handbook you could win a cash prize.

All you need is a resume, summary of why you should be an officer, consent from a parent, two recommendations one from an NJHA person ( if you’re a YC an officer can write you a recommendation) and one from someone else and then sometime during convention you will be interviewed. For complete application instructions see the officer application form.

If you win the Alumni Scholarship then you must be a YC for one calendar year. Also each state must have an active YC.

Paige Adams
Address: 4655 N Marrill Rd, Byron, IL 61010