Funding NJHA

NJHA is financed through voluntary contributions from corporations, associations, agencies, and individuals interested in youth and horticulture. New donors are needed to broaden the base of support, to continue and expand services to present members, and to increase publicity and future growth. Youth, leaders, and alumni are encouraged to make contributions to help cover program and operating costs. All contributions are tax deductible under IRs status 501 (c). Checks should be made out to the National Junior Horticultural Foundation. How to donate. For further information on where to send donations, please contact the NJHA Executive Secretary:

Carole S. Carney
15 Railroad Avenue
Homer City, PA 15748


  • American Society of Horticulture Science
  • Armstrong, Jack and Barb Share
  • Ball Horticultural Co.
  • Beebe, Ted and Susan
  • Berke, Terry
  • Boyle, Eileen
  • Buland, Megan
  • Burpee, W. Atlee
  • Empen, Ferol
  • Gegare, Debbie
  • Gerber Foundation
  • Green, Tom
  • Heritage FFA
  • Highman, Richard - OJHA
  • Keckler Landscaping
  • Leaver, Jack
  • Ron Morosky Arboretum and Landscaping Service
  • Murphy, Kevin
  • Nursury Growers of Lake County, Ohio
  • Parochetti, Dr. James V.
  • Shirey, Mike
  • Stark, Dr. Brian
  • Stark, Stan and Mary
  • Thompson, Jill Armstrong and Douglas
  • Visit Erie
  • Wilder, William & Evelyn
  • Wisconsin Master Gardeners

Sponsors of Cash Awards, NJHA Projects and Contests

Achievement and LeadershipCassius and Pauline Armstrong Scholarship Fund – Jack Armstrong and Jill Thompson
DemonstrationsNJH Alumni Association
ProductionNJH Alumni Association
MarketingNJH Alumni Association
ArtisticNJH Alumni Association
UseNJH Alumni Association
LandscapingNJH Alumni Association
Environmental AwarenessNJH Alumni Association
Experimental HorticultureAmerican Society for Horticulture Science Michael Neff, Director
Horticulture ContestNJH Alumni Association
Horticulture EssayWisconsin Master Gardeners
NJHA’s Next Top ChefStan & Mary Stark
ProductionDr. James V. Parochetti
Speaking of Horticulture
IllustratedJack B. Leaver
ExtemporaneousJack B. Leaver
Public SpeakingJack B. Leaver
SpecialJack B. Leaver
Outstanding Y/CNJH Alumni

NJHA gives a special thanks to these organizations, companies and individuals for their support. Their support has added a new dimension to our awards program. We appreciate their efforts.

How To Donate

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