Photography Exhibition – Still Film Division

To stimulate an interest in the use of film photography in horticulture.

For questions about this project, please click here to contact the Project Chair.

Who Can Participate

8 – 22 years old, individuals only.  Age divisions are:  8 – 14 and 15 – 22 years old (as of Dec. 31 of current year).  All award winners in any class are eligible to enter in any class the following year.  Best of Show winner is also eligible to enter in a class the following year.

Project Classes

A. Single Black and White – maximum size = 12 x 14 inches, including matting/mounting

B. Single Color – maximum size = 12 x 14 inches, including matting/mounting

C. Sequence of Four – B & W or color photographs that tell a visual story chronologically, without the use of words. All four photos should be mounted on one board/mat not to exceed 16 x 16 inches or 9 x 25 inches.

D. Horticulture Collection (B&W or color), consisting of 6 photographs.  All 6 photos should be mounted on one board/mat not to exceed 16 x 20 inches.

Each entry must:

1. Have been taken with a still film camera.

2. Have been taken by the participant within 12 months before it is entered.

3. Be a natural photograph, meaning no altering of the photograph or negative.  The photo may be staged, but images cannot be added, subtracted, or changed by any means including, but not limited to airbrushing, painting, erasing, or digital enhancement.  Cropping of total photo area (but not of individual images) is allowed, and must be specified on the entry form.

4. All entries must be accompanied by a PC compatible CD containing the negative image (this can be done at your local photo store).

5. Includes an entry form COMPLETED BY THE EXHIBITOR, and 4 x 6 inches or enlarged and mounted photograph(s) suitable for display.  An entry form follows the project descriptions.  If the exhibit is unable to complete the form without assistance, this should be documented and noted by the assisting individual.

Special Notes

  • Participants are limited to one entry per class.
  • Photos should be matted and mounted only, and not be in a frame.  Photos in a frame will not be accepted or judged.
  • If participants do not complete the correct entry form for the Digital Still Film class, they will be disqualified.
  • Submitted entries become the property of NJHA and will not be returned to exhibitor.  Entries may be used for publicity purposes.

Entry Deadline

All entries must be received by the Project Chair by September 15.  No exceptions will be made.  Entries that do not adhere to rules will not be judged.

Entry dates within your state for state competitions may be earlier.

Download the Entry Form

Download the Scoresheet

For additional information, consult the project chairperson:

Susan Beebe
Cornell Cooperative Extension
50 West High Street
Ballston Spa, NY  12020
Phone (518) 885-8995

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