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This activity will help train small youth for competition at National level. They will learn to identify flowers, indoor plants, fruits, nuts and berries, landscape ornamentals and vegetables. They will also learn how to judge plants and answer a few questions.

5 – 7 years old determined as of December 31 of current year
8 – 10 years old determined as of December 31 of current year
11 – 14 years old determined as of December 31 of current year

Activity Requirements

  • Activity format will consist of 3 sections:
  • Identification – Judging – Questions
  • If a participant needs assistance, please notify project chair in advance of competition.
  • After activity, there will be a question and answer session and the items placed for ID will be identified by project chairs.


First, second and third placing will be awarded in each age division.

Entry Deadline

Plant List:

Flowers and Indoor Plants

Landscape Ornamentals

Fruits, Nuts & Berries


Study Manual:

Judging Horticulture Products

Plant Nomenclature

Environment and Horticultural Plants

Plant Nutrition


Garden Flowers

Fruit and Nut Production



Managing Trees and Shrubs in the Landscape

Plant Propagation

Greenhouse Structure

Commercial Horticulture Production

For additional information, consult the project chairs:

Carole S. Carney
15 Railroad Avenue
Homer City, PA 15748

Richard and Holly Highman
1505 Cullaig Ct.
St. Johns, FL 32259.
(904) 287-8751

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