The purpose of this project is to expand the knowledge of individuals in food preservation using fresh fruits and vegetables.


The THREE NJHA’s Top Chef categories of food preservation are:

a. Pickles or Relishes.
b. Fruits or Vegetables (dried fruit is not acceptable)
c. Jams or Jellies.


1. Age categories – There are four age categories (individuals only; no teams)

a. 5-9 year old
b. 10-14 year old
c. 15-18 year old
d. 19-22 year old

2. Contestants may participate in each of the three food categories. For example, you may not enter both Pickles & Relishes; you must choose either one (Pickles) or the other (Relishes). The same for Fruits or Vegetables and Jams or Jellies.

3. Participants must prepare TWO preserved (canned) items. One jar for observation, and the other jar is for tasting.

4. All ingredients must be edible.

5. No individual will be allowed to present the same recipe in successive years.


1. Use the appropriate size jar for the recipe. Recipes can be found on line at http://nchfp.uga.edu/.

2. Jars must be labeled with name of product.

3. Individuals must follow proper canning procedure for food safety.

4. Entries must include a 3 x 5-inch note-card or legible label with each preserved (canned) item.

5. All recipes must include a complete list of ingredients, procedures, and CITATION OF SOURCE.

The following is required:

Attach a sheet with the following information:
Name of product.
Date canned.
Method of preparation: (hot pack or cold pack.
Method of processing (boiling water or pressure canned (note pounds of pressure).
Time of processing.
What did you learn from making the recipe and what
would you change?
Name, age (as of December 31, current year), address, telephone number, email of participant, and email of parent and/or advisor.

IV. AWARDS (if entries are not of sufficient quality, an award will not be given).

1. National Award Winners: up to three National Award Winner contestants may be chosen in each of the four age divisions. National Award Winners are eligible to return for competition the following year in the same age category.
2. Grand National Award Winner: One Grand National Award Winner may be chosen in each of the four age divisions.
a. All Grand National Award winners can only receive this award one time in that age group. However, in subsequent years, Grand National Award winners are eligible to compete in the next higher age bracket, even though he/she might not be in that age category.
b. Grand National winners in the 15-18 and 19-22 age categories may receive a cash award up to $100.00.
c. If entries are not worthy, the Grand National award may not be given.


1. SCORE SHEET is on-line at www.njha.org; listed under “Contests, Projects, & Activities”.
2. . Each entry must be registered by September 15 using Form F located at the url http://njha.org/contests-projects-activities/njhas-next-top-chef/form-f/.
3. Contestant is responsible for having their entry at the convention by Friday, which is the first day of the convention.
4. . The entry can be claimed after the convention ends; if not claimed, the entry will not be returned.
5. Contestant may donate entry for the NJHA Alumni auction; the project chair must be notified in writing. Donation will not be a factor in judging the entry.

VI. For additional information, consult the project chairperson:

Mrs. Mary Stark
N 1196 Rich Road
Watertown, WI 53098
Phone: (920) 261-7355

VII. Sponsors of the contest are Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Stark.

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