The purpose of this project is to encourage youth to explore their creativity through use of various media/materials to craft an original piece of artwork that utilizes natural materials in the design.

For questions about this project, please click here to contact the Project Chair.

Who Can Participate

Individuals ages 5-22 may participate in one of four age categories:

A. 5-9 year olds
B. 10-14 year olds
C. 15-18 year olds
D. 19-22 year olds (along with previous Grand National Award Winners)

Individuals only; no teams.

NJHA Floral Arrangement Contest:

There are three categories for this project:

1) Prepared floral arrangement

2) Prepared horticulture arrangement (nothing with flowers)

3) Live horticulture arrangement (done in person on Saturday morning  in 60 minutes, limited to the first 15 participants)

For prepared arrangements, project suggestions include but are not limited to:

Floral arrangements of a variety of natural materials such as flowers, herbs, leaves, vines, fruits, etc. 

Collages in which the majority of the materials are organic in nature

Wreathes made of dried organic materials or woven from such materials

Print making using natural materials to generate the printed image

Project Requirements:

All designs must be the work of the youth.  Parents and advisors may provide assistance with any aspects of the design that may require supervision (think hot glue, power tools, etc.) however, the concept, material selection and final design must be the work of the youth ONLY.

Only one entry per participant please.

The majority of materials employed in the project must be organic in nature.  Bases (vases, boards, pots, materials used to print on) may be of any material the participant desires.  However, as this is a horticulture artwork contest participants should ensure that the majority of materials are natural; this means no silk flowers or fake fruit. 

No individual may submit the same project two years in a row.

All entries must be submitted by midnight of the first day of convention (registration day), projects not submitted by this time may not be entered.

All entries must be submitted with the following information: 

Participant’s name, age as of December 31st, home state and mailing address

In addition to the design the following must be submitted by mail to the project chair by September 15th   of the current contest year.

A cover page with the participant’s name, age as of December 31st of the current year and home state.

A 1-2 page double spaced statement detailing: why the participant chose their project, a list of all materials included in the design and how they were procured, a description of the design process and what the participant learned through this project (what methods worked, what didn’t and if applicable how this project made them think about the natural materials around them differently.

Pictures of the project and design process may also be submitted if desired.

Failure to submit either the finished project or the written statement by the stated time will result in disqualification.


Projects will be judged on design, originality, use of natural materials and written statement. 

Both the finished project and the written statement will be administered a score; the total of those two scores will determine a participants overall score.  Participants should bear in mind that the quality of their written statement carries just as much weight as their design, a poorly written statement (even with an exceptional project) could receive a low score.

Awards Sponsor

David Shortall
87 West Branch Circle
North East, MD 21901
Phone: (410) 920-1482

Entry Deadline

For additional information, consult the project chairperson:

David Shortall
87 West Branch Circle
North East, MD 21901
Phone: (410) 920-1482

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