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To challenge youth on their overall knowledge of horticulture and its connections (real or associated) to the world around them in a fun competitive game.

Activity Description

Horticultural Connections is somewhat of a trivia/knowledge game about horticulture or anything that could have connections to horticulture that takes place during the convention as well as horticulture knowledge . The game is somewhat of a cross between a college bowl and various game shows, consisting of six (6) categories that have answers of five (5) differing point values (30 clues total, some past clues have been: “Bugs Bunny’s favorite vegetable”; “The study of tree rings is known as this”) for which players “buzz in” in their attempt to be the first to answer the question for their team.

Teams consist of four (4) members each, with only two (2) teams playing against each other at the same time in a single elimination format. Players are not allowed to confer with each other. Two attempts are allowed by each team to provide the correct answer. Points are not deducted for wrong answers, and there are no bonus questions or bonus points for correct (or imaginative answers) . There is usually plenty of fun and entertainment, especially in the answers that are made up when the players realize they don’t know the answer.

Contest Registration (Form D)


Members of the first place team will be recognized at the awards banquet.

Michael Rethwisch
451 N5th St
David City, NE 68632-1666
Work Phone: 402 367-7410 Ext: 413

Entry Deadline

September 15. Team members do not to be from the same state.

Horticultural Connections has a limit of teams (currently 16) to allow all the rounds to be completed during the course of the convention. Each state is allowed one entry on a first come first served basis so register early. Additional entries from a state, or combined teams may be added later (until the brackets are posted) to reach the desired total of 16 teams. Brackets are arranged prior to convention to result in regional winners, and winning regional teams then compete in the finals for the mythical national championship. For more information about Horticultural Connections, contact Michael Rethwisch.

For additional information, consult the project chairperson:

Mike Rethwisch
UNL Extension – Butler Co.
451 N. 5th Street
David City, NE 68632-1666
Phone (402) 367-7410

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