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The purpose of this contest is to build and demonstrate a broad knowledge of horticulture and critical thinking skills, and to provide a means for youth to gain and share general horticultural knowledge while improving communication skills.

Who Can Participate

Individuals ages 5-22 may participate in one of four age categories:

A. 5-9 year olds
B. 10-14 year olds
C. 15-18 year olds
D. 19-22 year olds (along with previous Grand National Award Winners)

Individuals only; no teams.

Project Requirements

Participants draw three topics at random. They have up to two minutes to select a topic and to write up to 25 words on a note card. They announce their topic and give a three to five minute presentation on the selected topic. Flash cards will indicate the time that has elapsed. Points will be lost if the talk is under three minutes or above five minutes.

Extemporaneous Speaking Contest Score Sheet


National Award Winners: Up to three National Award Winner individuals may be chosen to receive a medal in each of the age categories. National Award Winners are eligible to return for competition the following year in the same age category.

Grand National Award Winner: One Grand National Award Winner may be chosen to receive a medal in each of the age categories. A Grand National Award Winner in the 15-18 year old category may return the following year in the 19-22 year old category, even though they may not be 19 years old. Only Grand National winners in the 15-18 and 19-22 age categories may receive a cash award up to $100.00.

If there are no entries or entries are not of sufficient quality, an award may not be given.

Awards Sponsor

Jack B. Leaver
1088 Fountain View
Circle #3
Holland, MI 49423
Phone 616 298-2433

Entry Deadline

September 15.

For additional information, consult the project chairperson:

Sarah Berke
PO Box 204
Zamora, CA 95698

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