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Demonstration Contest

This contest is designed to stimulate knowledge, planning, and ability to explain by work and action the “how” and “why” of production and marketing procedures. Also included are utilization of vegetables, fruits and nuts, flowers, turf, woody ornamentals in the landscape, environmental awareness, and artistic arrangement of horticultural crops and products.

Who Can Participate

5 – 9, 10 – 14, 15-18 and 19-22 years old; individuals or teams of two people.

Project Requirements

Prepare and present a demonstration in one of the six divisions. The following rules apply to all divisions.

1. No individual or team will be allowed to present the same demonstration in successive years.

2. There is no minimum time limit. The maximum time limit is 15 minutes. Demonstrations over this time limit will be penalized. Set-up and take-down time is not included in the 15 minutes allotted for the demonstration.

3. A state may enter up to two demonstrations (individual and/or team) in each of the five divisions for youth age 15-18.

4. A state may enter up to two demonstrations (individual and/or team) in the special division for youth in the 19-22 age group.

5. Individuals may participate in this contest only one time each year.

6. At the end of the presentation the judges will have the right to ask questions. Questions will not be allowed from any individual other than the judge(s).

7. Presentations must be a demonstration.

NOTE: A demonstration differs from an illustrated talk in that the youth presenting a demonstration must do something with the object(s) that they show the audience. It is not enough to merely show an object and tell how a process would be carried out. For example, a presentation would be entered as an illustrated talk if a pot of orchids is held up as statements are made on how this plant should be divided. If the plant is actually divided, this presentation would be a demonstration. Additional questions should be addressed to the project leader prior to entering participants in the contest.

8. Participants are responsible for bringing everything they need for their presentation. This includes easels, extension cords, bowls, tablecloths, utensils, etc. Although every effort will be made to have a refrigerator and stove accessible, there is no guarantee. Demonstration mirrors are unavailable.

9. One 6-foot table is furnished for the demonstrator. When possible, an additional table will be placed behind the demonstrator.

10. Prior to beginning, the demonstrator will fill out the scorecard(s) for the judge(s) with their name, address and coach’s name.

11. Open flames are prohibited in any portion of the demonstration.

12. The six divisions are as follows:

A. Production: Any practice that has to do with production of any horticultural crop or maintaining, replenishing, or increasing the soil productivity.

B. Marketing:
Operations in preparing horticultural crops for market, offering for sale to a buyer, preparing for storage, or preparing for exhibition.

C. Use: Preparing fruits or vegetables for human consumption (cooking, canning, freezing, or dehydration) or preparation of other plant products in and around the home (excluding all types of floral arrangements). Crafts made from horticultural products may be entered here. The state leader of participants needing an oven for baked goods is responsible for making these arrangements.

D. Artistic Arrangement: The use of cut flowers and other horticultural products in arrangements, corsages, and plaques. Materials may be live or dried. Weeds and native materials may also be used. Artificial plants, flowers, and silks are not allowed.

E. Landscaping: Any practice that has to do with arrangement, establishment, and maintenance of flowers, ornamental plants, and turf around or within the home, business or public grounds. (Demonstrations on growing landscape materials should be entered in the production division.)

F. Special: This division is for youth who are 19-22 years old or have been a Grand National Award Winner in divisions A through E. The special division may have topics involving production, marketing, use, artistic arrangement, and/or landscaping.

Entry Deadline

For additional information, consult the project chairperson:

Sarah Berke
PO Box 204
Zamora, CA 95698
(530) 383-1277

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