Contests, Activities, and Scholarships

NJHA has numerous contests available for youth of all ages. Contests occur on Saturday morning, while activities may occur at other times throughout the weekend.

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Horticulture ID and Judging Contest (Form A)

Students identify 100 plant samples from four different categories (fruits, nuts, & berries, vegetables, flowers & indoor plants, and landscape ornamentals).


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Speaking of Horticulture (Form C)

To expand the knowledge of individuals in the area of horticulture, promote horticulture as a career and hobby, and stimulate others to improve their environment through the art and science of horticulture. This contest provides youth with the opportunity to improve their skills in assembling, organizing, and disseminating information in an efficient manner.

  • Speaking of Horticulture
  • Extemporaneous Speaking
  • Horticultural Performing Arts
  • Demonstrations (Form B)
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Open to ages 8-22. Classes include:

  • Single Unedited
  • Single Slightly Edited
  • Single Heavily Edited
  • Sequence of Four
  • Horticulture Collection
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Floral Arrangement (Form H)

Open to ages 5-22. Classes include:

  • Prepared floral arrangement
  • Prepared horticulture arrangement (nothing with flowers)
  • Live horticulture arrangement (done in person on Saturday morning in 60 minutes, limited to the first 15 participants)
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Science and Horticulture

Open to ages 5-22. Classes include:

  • Enviromental Awareness
  • Experimental Horticulture
  • Production
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Promotion of Horticulture (Form I)

Students create a design to promote NJHA's next convention.

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Writing in Horticulture (Form E)

Open to ages 5-22. Classes include:

  • Informative Writing
  • Creative Writing
  • Poetry
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NJHA's Next Top Chef (Form F)

Open to ages 5-22. Classes include:

  • Pickles or Relishes
  • Fruits or Vegetables
  • Jams or Jellies
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Horticulture Connections (Form D)

Horticulture Connections is a fun, fast-paced team-based Jeopardy-style game where the questions are about horticulture, ranging anywhere from state flowers to plant-related song titles to even puns. States enter teams of four.

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State Display Contest

States enter a display which is judged on Saturday.

State Spirit Contest

To encourage state spirit in a friendly manner. The Sprit Stick Award will be presented to the state that best demonstrates their excitement and dedication to NJHA. A state delegation is best reflected by their actions. At all times during the convention, attendees should reflect a positive image of NJHA. Most importantly delegations should be enthusiastic. Delegates from states should attend and be active at all events.

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Achievement & Leadership Scholarship

To recognize individuals who have excelled in activities and leadership connected with NJHA and other organizations.

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Stan and Mary Stark Alumni Scholarship

Available to any youth who have already attended one convention and are planning on returning to the convention to expand their knowledge within NJHA.

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