The NJHA Alumni Scholarship is available to any youth who have already attended one convention and are planning on returning to the convention to expand their knowledge within NJHA.  Stan and Mary Stark started this scholarship in 2005.  The Alumni Association pays for registration for three winners to attend convention.  It does not include travel or lodging.

If you are interested, please contact:

Stan and Mary Stark
N 1196 Rich Road
Watertown, WI 53098
Phone (920) 261 – 7355 – Cell 920 342-3219

Please include in your resume the following information:

1. Name, age, state, phone and email
2. One paragraph about your NJHA involvement
3. One paragraph about your non-NJHA involvement
4. One paragraph about yourself
5. One paragraph about your financial needs
5. A letter of recommendation from an NJHA leader that is not from your state.

Please submit materials electronically to Stan & Mary Stark before September 1.